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Resilience & Growth training for humans.

Offering a tailored, neuroscience-based coaching program proven to create permanent, lasting, and adaptive transformation.
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Amie came into my life when I was going through a big transition and she was such a breath of fresh air. Working with her helped me to find the stability I needed to wade through some intense change, growth and development so that I could be ready for new opportunity. I would absolutely recommend utilizing her knowledge, skill and expertise.
— Shanna Forrestall, Pasadena CA
I’ve seen Amie’s infectious energy inspire countless people. In my case, her presence has been absolutely invaluable. At every turn in my journey she’s been there - with keen intuition, empathy, intelligence, and unshakeable confidence. More valuable still, Amie’s insight and life-affirming ethos have led me to cultivate my happiness and well-being, to an extent I never thought was possible. To put it simply: she’s helped me make my dreams a reality, while showing me how beautiful life can be.
— Matthew W. McGuire II, Athens OH
My sessions with Amie were enlightening! Even though they were only by phone, I definitely feel like I had full one-on-one attention. I appreciated the manner in which she listened to me. It was interactive listening in that she was able to ask a question and then use the information I had given her to extract even more, to go deeper. It was very eye opening to see new pathways to resolutions that I would not have reached by myself. The empathy from, and connection with Amie made my sessions even more memorable. I felt no judgment and was able to be completely honest. Sometimes even surprising myself! I finished our conversations feeling more confident about myself and with more tools with which to take on this thing called life. I recommend her highly and without hesitation.
— Meridith Lanning, Lampasas TX