Compatibility is paramount

The most important factor in a coaching relationship is compatibility. The potential for results and success through coaching is exponentially higher when the coach and client "click". I carefully select the individuals I work with, and I provide ample opportunity to thoroughly assess our compatibility.

1. Contact me

Click "Contact" at the bottom or top right corner of the page to submit your information. 

I will contact you to schedule an introductory call - our first opportunity to assess our compatibility as a potential coaching partnership. 


2. Attitudinal Assessment

If our introductory conversation leads to mutual desire to work together, you'll complete an attitudinal assessment called the Energy Leadership Index.

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment provides a snapshot of your current attitudinal presentation in life. It reveals specific filters you’ve developed in your perceptions, and how those filters are influencing your potential. It also helps to uncover internal blocks that may be detaining you from your fullest potential as an individual, and a leader. 

The assessment results and the accompanying debrief are critical to establishing a coaching relationship. The duo lays a foundation of trust, clarity, and direction for your growth. Most importantly it provides a comprehensive appraisal of our compatibility as a coaching partnership. 

The assessment and debrief can be utilized as an impactful standalone discovery session. Whether it best serves you in this manner, or as a means to launch our coaching relationship, it is a powerful and invaluable experience. 


3. Debrief & Strategy

The debrief session is a three-hour, in-depth, exploration of the exact elements in your life that contribute to your current thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as your reactions to stressors. 

After thoroughly exploring your attitudinal makeup, we'll share feedback and decide whether to move forward with a coaching partnership.

If we move forward, we'll take the highlights of your debrief and craft a distinct but malleable strategy for us to follow during our coaching endeavor. This is our roadmap, and like any exploration, unexpected detours will arise, and I will encourage you to investigate them. 


4. Sessions

Each session is based on your unique elements and progress. You are the agenda. I ask questions, listen intuitively, and take detailed notes. I keep track of direction, progress, and the thorough exploration of each 'detour' we encounter. I challenge you when you are limiting yourself, assist you in identifying and eliminating your limitations, and hold you accountable to the vision you develop.  

Sessions take place three times per month over the course of 4, 8, or 12 months. Sessions usually last an hour. Should retracting or extending the time of a session to preserve its integrity be needed, we will do so.   


To contact me and begin the process, click the "Contact" button at the bottom or top right corner of the page to submit your information. 

5. Getting Started