Frequently asked questions:

What kind of leaders do you work with? 

My specialty is in coaching high performing leaders and influencers who want to increase the reach of their influence on the world by pushing the boundaries of their potential with a certified professional. 

Whether they are self-made visionaries, celebrities, or corporate executives, they are driven, seasoned in their intuition, and have an existing influence they want to enhance.

What is your coaching methodology?

I practice the Core Energy Coaching process. This process utilizes the best of many methodologies to create a unique and highly effective approach to coaching that leads to exponential and sustainable results.  The Core Energy Coaching process focuses on change, and accepts that change will always occur. Whether change is a choice or a circumstance, our impressions of it and reactions to it are completely under our control, and directly contribute to our ability to grow. Your coaching relationship with me will prepare you to utilize any kind of change, and your abilities, to their fullest potential. 

Where are you located?

I am located in New York City, but work remotely and travel to serve clientele around the world. 

What's the difference between coaching and...?

Therapy - focuses on resolving your past, and takes you from non-functioning to functioning. Coaching takes you from functioning to thriving, and focuses on establishing a sustainable future.

Advice - given by others rarely provides sustainable results. Answers you discover organically stick with you forever. When coaching, I do not give advice. I strategically lead you to your own answers through your own thought process.

Consulting - offers little sustainability in being given a standardized formula to resolve or achieve your goals. Through coaching, you cultivate your own sustainable methods to perpetually enhance your life.

What coaching mediums will we use?

A combination of in-person, phone, and video conferencing methods will be utilized to maximize availability in scheduling. 

If my company hires you on my behalf, what do they get to know about our work together?

Your company in this case is considered the sponsor, and you are the client. Confidentiality between a coach and client is sacrosanct, and protected by the ICF Code of Ethics. All I offer when queried by your sponsor is a general thumbs up on productivity. You have the right to share details with anyone regarding the work we do together, but I will not. 

What's the process? 

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