Coaching to impact the world

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I'm on a mission to help leaders and influencers enrich their sphere of impact. I help individuals refine their connection to the world around them, take on challenging and adventurous growth, and push the boundaries of their potential in order to make a lasting impact on the world. I do this by aligning with them in one-on-one customized coaching partnerships. The coaching relationship is a unique collaborative process fueled by trust, curiosity, and flexibility. Together we explore, test, and refine your abilities as a leader and a visionary. 


Fueling a new generation of leadership

I’ve seen her infectious energy inspire countless people. In my case, her presence has been absolutely invaluable. At every turn in my career she’s been there - with keen intuition, empathy, intelligence, and unshakeable confidence - to guide me to my full potential. More valuable still, Amie’s insight and life-affirming ethos have led me to cultivate my happiness and well-being, to an extent I never thought was possible. To put it simply: she’s helped me make my dreams a reality, while showing me how beautiful life can be.
— Matthew W. McGuire II, M.A.
Amie looks beyond the surface of what you are projecting out into the world and gets to the heart of your values, motivations, and those stubborn things that are holding you back. This was particularly helpful for me, as a leader who felt that I had to put up the facade of having it all together. She challenges that in a way that feels personal and empowering. Our sessions together always ended with actionable ways to move forward that felt like they were catered just for me.
— Shani Syphrett, Founder & CEO of Sheft